L2G Evaluation is one of the most important appraisal firms in Quebec, regrouping business valuation services, equipment and machinery appraisal services in industrial, commercial and institutional sector under one roof.



Specific knowledge and experience in machinery and equipment valuation provides complement to lending institution expertise.

We have proven expertise in equipment stocktaking that reduce creditors risk and ensure the validity of the guarantees. This stocktaking is rapidly electronically delivered.

Compliant with IFRS and FAS 157 standards, our reports insure a high quality level wherever you customers are located over the world.

At L2G ÉVALUATION we provide access to a team of multidisciplinary professionals offering effective services, suited to your specific needs.


The needs of lenders and organizations may differ and require the involvement of additional professionals.

Well informed of lenders concern and to to satisfy their evolving risk management policies we understand our important role as intermediaries by harmonizing the needs and expectations of each other providing tailor made solution for each specific situation by gathering the proper expertise.